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About The Lightning Process

The Lightning Process is an empowering training programme, helping people discover what has been keeping them stuck and to apply tools which bring lasting change. 

The techniques involve gentle movement, coaching and mental exercises brought together in a powerful tool that, when used, brings profound changes to the way the mind and body are interacting. This leads to transformational benefits to health. 

Is the Lightning Process for me?

The reasons people take the Lightning Process training can be very different. Practitioners commonly see people with the following physical and mental health issues:


  • Fatigue (including those with a diagnosis of Post Viral Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME)

  • Pain (including complex regional pain syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia)

  • Anxiety/Stress/Panic Attacks

  • Depression

  • Digestive Issues

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


If you are unsure if the Lightning Process could help you, please get in touch for a no obligation informal chat. 

How to Apply?
  • Download and listen to Part 1 of the Lightning Process by clicking here. This is a really important first step in your journey. 

  • Complete the Application Form and return to me - click here to download.

  • Arrange a phone call with me to answer any questions you may have, and together, decide if you are ready to take the training. 

  • Book a date on a course.

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