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Lightning Process Success Stories

Florence's Story

Florence had been suffering with Long Covid for 20 months. She struggled with breathlessness, neurological and heart issues, chronic pain and debilitating fatigue. Here she tells her story - her journey from resignation to hope and recovery.

Sarah's Story

Sarah had been struggling with Long Covid for 16 months. She longed to be able to enjoy time with her energetic boys, go for long walks and enjoy the outdoors again - but even having a coffee with a friend wiped her out for days. Here Sarah tells her story. 

Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa had been suffering from debilitating Fibromyalgia and Depression for many years. She had been prevented from doing many of the things she enjoyed due to pain, brain fog and fatigue. Even relatively small things like crocheting and sewing were too painful. Driving was impossible due to stiffness and pain in her neck. Much of her days were spent in bed or on the sofa…

Two months on from taking the Lightning Process Training with Anna and the transformation was incredible. 


Vanessa reflects in her own words:


I really don’t know where the time has gone – it is nearly 2 months now since I finished the course with you. I have not had the time to think about my old self as I have been so busy living my new life!

I am driving the Landrover nearly every day – taking the dogs to the beach for their runs and walking myself again! I have started my new part time job at the Gateway Centre and have taken  on the church Finance Officer role plus still doing my other 2 voluntary jobs AND I am feeling great.

I have cut down my pain and other medication by 50% and will be working with my GP to reduce it to zero!

My garden is looking fab and I am crocheting like mad. Just a couple of things left to tick off my “want to want to do list” but finding the time is the problem now!

The contrast to my former self is like comparing black to white – unrecognisable! I follow the Lightning Process less these days as my brain has rewired to the new me but I have the comfort of knowing it is there if I need it.

I just cannot thank you enough for the course and your kindness and support throughout and since!  


Kate's Story

I had been ill with Long Covid for 5 months and was spending the majority of every day in bed. I could focus on a small activity, like talking to someone or watching TV for about half an hour, then I would stop for a complete rest. A good day was when I managed to wash and dress and eat one meal downstairs. Holidays were cancelled. I hadn't been to church or seen friends in  months, I couldn't walk to the end of the garden or do anything to help at home. I spent a lot of time alone. 

On day one of the Lighting Process training, everything changed. I decided to ditch my old timed daily routine, forget conserving every ounce of energy and instead use the Lighting Process every time I had a symptom. On that first day I managed a whole morning of training on Zoom, did some washing up, cut my son's hair and took the dog for a walk. That same week I did some school runs, ate all my meals downstairs, drove the car, went out for a coffee, cooked a meal, had some tickle fights with my son, went to church and booked a holiday.

5 weeks on and I would say that I have re-entered normal life. I have the energy to do whatever I choose. I have a clear mind and can read, recall and consider information and join in long conversations. I can engage with my community at church, school and with friends and family. I can look after my family again instead of them looking after me. I can play and have fun again. Life is a joy instead of a struggle. I haven't yet regained 100% of my old strength but I'm well on the way. 



Patrick’s Story


Patrick had been struggling with Long Covid for 10 months prior to the Lightning Process. Prior to becoming unwell he was in his second year at university and very active. All this ended and he had to move back home to be looked after by his parents due to debilitating fatigue, brain fog and other issues. 

Patrick comments 3 months after his LP seminar

 “After 10 months of Long Covid, the Lightning Process has really helped me turn a corner with my recovery. I found it very straight forward and logical, having initially been sceptical. Since completing the course around three months ago my condition has significantly improved, having struggled to make any progress for several months beforehand. The way in which Anna runs the course is very relaxed and is conducted at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. There is no pressure put on participants whatsoever. I cannot recommend it highly enough”


Kate and her family after her LP Training


Mike's Story


"In 2018 I suffered from a mild stroke, fortunately I recovered quite quickly but was left with chronic fatigue which for me meant I had to rest for anything up to two hours at lunchtime. If I didn’t I really couldn’t function.

Last August I took the plunge and contacted Anna and booked myself in for the Lightning Process.
I did a three day course with Anna, now four months later my life is back on track, I’m happily doing the things I want to do AND when I want to do them!

Anna is a lovely person and made me totally relaxed throughout the three days. It’s not a scary or particularly difficult process and if you're suffering from chronic fatigue I strongly recommend the Lightning Process, and Anna in particular." 

Tanya's Story

Here Tanya shares her experience of recovery from Long Covid using the Lightning Process. She struggled for 5 months with dizziness, headaches, brain fog and overwhelming fatigue, all of which she resolved using the tools of the Lightning Process. Tanya also shares her thoughts on taking the Lightning Process as a Christian, and how it helped her faith. 

Caroline's Story

"I had been ill with the after-effects of Covid for five months. The dizziness, head pain, nausea and fatigue had slowly started to improve so I could do a few gentle tasks, but I still had to rest in bed
every afternoon and was nothing like my normal self. I very much wanted to be well enough to join our newlywed daughter and husband in celebrating their marriage in Malaysia with his Malaysian
family. After hearing of Anna and the LP, I thought I had nothing to lose and so contacted her and joined the course that was just about to start. Anna explained everything very carefully and helped us to understand the principles behind the techniques, which I found really helpful. Although at first four hours on Zoom seemed daunting and tiring, the time whizzed by. We had regular breaks and could go at our own pace without feeling pressured. After the first day I did a short drive on my own for the first time in five months. After the second day I did a walk for over an hour, very slowly and felt fine afterwards. By the end of the week, I was cooking meals, visiting friends and began getting involved again in church life. Four weeks after the course we flew to Malaysia and enjoyed an amazing time celebrating; I had all the energy and strength that I needed! Anna’s warm friendly nature, her calmness and the logical explanations helped me to feel at ease and to trust the process – giving me the confidence to undertake a trip that had seemed an impossibility a few weeks earlier.
So not only did I have a wonderful trip of a lifetime with memories that I shall always tre
asure but I am now able to fully enjoy life again and can look forward with confidence!"

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Ruth's Story

"I developed long covid following a mild covid infection. I have two small children and found the fatigue difficult to manage alongside my caring responsibilities. After feeling unwell for around 5 months, I heard about Anna through a family friend and, following a phone consultation, felt like the lightning process might work for me.

On the first day of the course, I began to put the lightning process into practice during the school run. Initially I had to do it every minute or so but over the week I gradually did it less and less until I only needed to do it before the school run. It was great to celebrate this with my course mates. 

After about 2 months I was back to exercise and commuting to work. It felt so liberating not to have to consider my energy levels as I planned each day. The follow up sessions with Anna have been really helpful too; as well as addressing my long covid the lightning process has given me a great set of tools in general for navigating the ups and downs of life. 

As a Christian, I have found the lightning process to be very compatible with my faith, and the notion that God wants me to have life in all of its fullness (John chapter 10, verse 10)."

Austin Healey, former rugby player, talks about about how the Lightning Process helped his wife lead a normal life.

Louise used the Lighting Process to overcome Chronic fatigue syndrome. Went from being bedridden for 13 years to becoming a confident teacher.

Amy shares her Lightning Process journey from illness to health. 

Lucy describes how applying the tools of Lightning Process changed her life after struggling with chronic illness.

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